We are a full-service virtual
reality production company.

Master storytellers by trade, we are a full-service virtual reality company.
We specialize in filming and producing virtual reality and 360 films for non-profits and social good enterprises.

What we do. We bring more awareness to social causes that inspire people to take action.

Why we do it. People’s messages of doing social good get filtered by the noise of many and disconnected with distance. We bring the human experience closer, bridging authentic communications to seek understanding and take action.

How we do it. Through VR technology and collaboration, we help share an interactive story to build empathy on social causes with impact.

Our Leadership

David Cochran
David CochranPresident & COO
Business Mastermind. Organization Leader.
Gregory Annable
Gregory AnnableChief Technology Officer
Technologist. Strategist. VR & AR Specialist.
Scott Doll
Scott DollChief Executive Officer
Business Development. Fundraising. Public Relations.
Jane Louie
Jane LouieAdvisor & Rotarian
Ecosystem Advisor and Advancer
Jim Marggraff
Jim MarggraffExecutive Board Chair
Influencer. Innovator Inventor. Rotary Executive Relations. External Relations.
May Yam
May YamChief Product Officer
VR Producer. Creative Director. Film Producer.
Mitty Chang
Mitty ChangChief Information & Marketing Officer
Web Development. Digital Marketing.

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